martes, 19 de enero de 2010

Wiht - Wiht (2009)

01. Into Ruin 16:19
02. And the Thunder Rolls 09:13
03. Vasta 16:25

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Wiht are a new stoner/doom trio from Leeds, England and started jamming towards the end of October 2009, by the end of November wiht had recorded their first offering in the form of Into Ruin, …And the thunder rolls and Vasta. A true and simple love for honest heavy music culminates in Wiht’s first recordings, hat nods towards the greats are clearly evident with the ultimate aim to offer something in its own pedigree. We recorded the cd in 3 days at ghosttown recordings in Leeds, England and are now looking to book some gigs and distribute the cd. For more info visit
Thanks to Chris Wayper from the band for sending this. Love it!

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