lunes, 18 de enero de 2010

Juan de la Cruz Band - Up in Arms (1971)

1.: Justice
2.: Stranger In A Strange Land
3.: Mistery Roach
4.: Requiem For A Hero
5.: Lady In White Satin
6.: Love Of A Woman
7.: Kagatan (live)
8.: Balong Malualim (live)
9.: Beep Beep (live)
10.: Palengke (live)
11.: Langit (live)
12.: Sarap Ng Buhay (live)

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The Juan De La Cruz Band was one of the first rock and roll bands in the Philippines. In December 1970, the band was featured in the first open field rock festival in the Philippines, the Antipolo Rock Festival. The band's popularity gained momentum in September 1971 when it backed up the production of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). Then in December of the same year, the band garnered its crowning glory when again, for the first time in the Philippines, a rock group on its own, backed by a full symphony orchestra (the National Philharmonic) was presented in concert at the CCP.

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