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Speed, Glue and Shinki - Eve (1971)

1. Mr. Walking Drugstore Man (5:25)
2. Big Headed Woman (6:15)
3. Stoned out of my Mind (6:01)
4. Ode to the Bad People (4:53)
5. M Glue (2:43)
6. Keep it Cool (4:17)
7. Someday We'll All Fall Down (5:23)

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Alice in Chains - A Looking in View EP (2009)

Para los ansiosos... el primer single.


Barn Burner - Bangers (2009)

1. (03:43) Holy Smokes
2. (03:22) Fast Women
3. (02:27) Long Arm Of The Law
4. (05:04) Beer Today, Bong Tomorrow
5. (02:53) Runnin' Reds
6. (05:12) Wizard Island
7. (06:31) Brohemoth
8. (03:54) Tremors
9. (01:42) Old Habits
Playing Time: 34:47

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Thanks for the link, Fuzzard!

lunes, 29 de junio de 2009

Nadja - Numbness (2009)

Drone, doom, ambient desde Toronto, Canadá. Creo que esto lo sabíamos todos... Numbness es la recopilación de temas que ellos mismos consideraron que iban en una dirección más shoegaze de entre todos sus títulos anteriores. Originalmente muchas de las pistas se encuentran en ediciones especiales vinilo o recopilatorios rareza. Referencias a My Bloody Valentine, Mono, Mogwai, aunque en mi opinión molan más que los tres anteriores juntos, al menos este disquito.

1. Veil of Disillusion
4. Alien In My Own Skin
5. Time Is Our Disease
6. Numb

Enlace para la tercera pista agregado
Track 3 was missing, you can get it from above now

Soulpreacher - Sonic Witchcraft (1999)

1. Blues For a Blackened World
2. Dead Transmissions
3. Empty and Hollow
4. 13
5. HAJ
6. Sunday Morning Revelation
7. Salvation
8. Alabaster
9. Track No66

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I found this on the SludgeSwamp and it seems to be missing a couple of songs. Check metal-archives for the actual tracklist. Contact us if you find the complete version!

Esta bajado de SludgeSwamp, y parece que falta alguna canción. En metal-archives esta el tracklist correcto. ¡Si alguien encuentra el disco entero que nos avise!

Requested by Fuzzard

domingo, 28 de junio de 2009

Celan - Halo (2009)

Celan "Halo" (2009, Exile on Mainstreet)

Nuevo grupo de Chris Spencer de Unsane con peña de Oxbow y el mitico grupo aleman, Einsturzende Neubaten, supuestos "inventores" del rock industrial.


11 tracks, 51 minutes. The explosive masterpiece that only happens when a classically trained composer meets noise rock and they decide to tear the boundary walls down.

A common musical ground does not ultimately require coming from the same scene or style. It doesn't even require coming from the same musical universe, as long as there is a deep appreciation for each other's work and the ability and will to push some boundaries. Celan was conceived of in early 2008 when Ari Benjamin Meyers (of Redux Orchestra and Einstürzende Neubauten ) and Chris Spencer (Unsane, Cutthroats 9) met in a bar in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Initially it was intended as a collaboration between a classically trained composer and someone who had been working and touring in a noise/rock band for years. It's quite an ironic side note that this collaborative idea was born in Germany, probably the last remaining country in the world where music reception, and thus broadcasting and media representation, is still determined by a separation between 'serious' and 'popular' music. Sure, bands like the aforementioned Einstürzende Neubauten have been working for decades on tearing these walls down and Celan might be another addition to this goal, although in a different manner. This album, titled Halo, is pure rock! It distills the genre to its core elements and channels pure emotion into sounds so thick and massive that one could only dream about them. It's fascinating how Ari Benjamin Meyers' skills stand up to the blistering noise blast created by the rest of the band. But let's talk history first:

After the initiation of the band at said Berlin bar, it became obvious that it was more than just a nice idea. The possibility of recording in the ex-Einstürzende Neubauten studio came up, and it seemed that it could indeed become reality. As months went by, the whole thing began to take shape with the addition of Philipp Körner and Xavi Thiem (both of ex- flu.ID-fame) on bass and drums. Chris, Philipp and Xavi met when flu.ID toured with Unsane in late 2007 and stayed in touch, becoming good friends. Chris also met Niko Wenner (Oxbow) during Summer 08, and the line-up was complete. In August 2008 they spent two weeks in the studio writing and recording, pretty much from the get-go. Forcing themselves into a fruitful jam/recording situation they laid a full album to tape in just two weeks. The songs are infused with this spontaneity and one can feel the chemistry between the band members which aided the creative process. Ideas use the musician and his instrument as a medium, creating stunning music literally by itself. Even though there is a lot of thought and creativity put into this album, it reveals its beauty through its compelling creative vibe.

And here we are: Halo is the debut album from Celan - a band you can pigeon-hole at your own risk - categorise as noise, rock or whatever you like. Please approach this masterpiece as we did : with an open mind, ready to be stunned by its sheer class, emotion and musical craftsmanship.

The Human Quena Orchestra - The Politics Of The Irredeemable (2009)

01. Progress
02. Mores (part I)
03. Mores (part II)
04. Aspiration
05. Denial (part I)
06. Denial (part 2)

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Wolfmangler - Cooking With Wolves (2007)

1. All of You 03:19
2. Czerwony Pas 06:28
3. Ol' Man River 02:45
4. Beata Z Albatrosa 03:02
5. Compost with a Grudge 03:24
6. Zegar 05:34
7. Szwolezerowie 07:46
8. Easy to Love 05:45
9. Uneasy Autumn Moan 04:10
10. In the East 04:47
11. She Dances 03:12
12. To a Modern Poet 04:36
13. To the Boy Elis 04:08
14. French Vampire Carol 01:06
Total playing time 01:00:02

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Lungs - Lungs EP (2008)

01. Eunomia (07:14)
02. A Green Sea Dusk (15:51)
03. Kinsman (09:27)

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Humanfly - A God Among Insects (demo) (2004)

1. Humanfly Insect Party In My Mouth 01:33
2. Worm Food Disguised As Porn For Ears 01:37
3. Carnival of Trouser Snakes 01:45
4. Cum To My Techno Party 03:26
5. Teenage Amputee Disco Who Wants To Dance 00:30
6. Superiority Complex Get Off My Dick 01:52
7. Puny Humanoid With Extremely Overactive Imagination 03:20
8. Separate The Maggots 05:34
Total playing time 19:37

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viernes, 26 de junio de 2009

Buffalo - Volcanic Rock (1973)

1. Sunrise (Come My Way)
2. Freedom
3. Till My Death
4. Prophet
5. Intro: Pound of Flesh
6. Shylock
7. Sunrise (Come My Way) [Single Version]
8. Shylock [Live]

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Atonal Fretless Doom:
"Doom metal with atonal or microtonal scales, fretless guitar or fretless bass, very simple drums or machine, instrumental structure without vocals, improvisation - recorded at first take." -Aleksander Cepuš "Actooon" (creator)

Actooon discography:
Cemeteryland (recorded january-february 1999, released march 1999)
Tetragram (recorded april-may 1999, released may 1999)

Youtube channel / MySpace / Cemeteryland info & review

Thanks for sharing your music Aleksander!!

O.L.D. - Old Lady Drivers (1988)

Uno de los discos definitivos y más bizarros de la primera ola grindcore editada bajo Earache. Sólo disponible en vinilo y en mp3 ripeado del mismo formato. Temas desquiciados, voces espectacularmente esquizoides y letras sobre la tercera edad.
Con el cantante y el bajista de Khanate


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Gnaw - This Face (2009)

he aqui el primer larga duracion de la banda creada por Alan Dubin, vocalista (vokills como diria el) de los desaparecidos Khanate entre otros, junto a por ejemplo Jamie Sykes (ex-Burning Witch, Thorr's Hammer, Atavist)

esto no es disco de doom ni mucho menos... los tios se han metido en terrenos mas noise, industrial y han grabado esta pesadilla noise con la voz de lija del alan dubin haciendo de las suyas... quizas tengan que ver con banzas como wolf eyes pero con un poso mas metalero y pesado, muy interesante en cualquie caso la evolucion de estos miembros de khanate y burning witch...

..."Formed in 2006 by Alan Dubin (ex-Khanate, OLD) along with Jamie Sykes (ex-Burning Witch, Thorr's Hammer, Atavist), Carter Thornton (Enos Slaughter), Jun Mizumachi (ex-Ike Yard: 80's NYC industrial legends) and Brian Beatrice (Emmy Award winning sound design/mix wizard),

Gnaw's debut album This Face is the sonic culmination of over a year of sound experimentation. It's a genre-destroying journey that almost defies description. Sykes is a percussive madman blasting out anything from tribal beats to ultra slow tom killings. Mizumachi is a sound designer for film and television and is a master of electronics including synth, factory noise, metal bashing and other craziness. Beatrice is also a sound designer and mixer for film and television and was responsible for mixing This Face, as well as experimenting and adding additional sounds of torture. Thornton is a crafty musician who actually makes his own instruments, contributing guitar, bass, piano and some unnamed homemade "things" to the album. Dubin rounds out the group with his gut-wrenching vocals, noise and arrangements. Screaming, singing, whispers and chants can be heard throughout This Face. Dubin's lyrics will mentally rape you.

This Face will be released by Belgium's Conspiracy Records on February 20, 2009.

GNAW - "this face" (2009)

Valis - Dark Matter (2009)

1. Resurrection Sickness
2. Blood on Blood
3. Under Satan's Will
4. Grapevine Earthquake
5. Down Like Rain
6. Hands of Grace
7. Daylight in the Swamps
8. Everyone Sun
9. Battleship

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Con peña de Screaming Trees.

thanks to Fuzzard!

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These guys from Sweden are looking for a label, check them!

Calling dl / MYSPACE

Doomdogs play a mid-paced version of slightly uglified stoner/doom with crust and doomcore-ish elements. Sort of like mixing Crowbar and a slowed down Kyuss with Neurosis and Cult of Luna. Due to their tendencies to go all out stoner, or to simply make experimental twists from time to time, the band doesn't always stay on the "pure" doom metal track. None the less, this is a really heavy experience.

Thanks for sharing your music!

Green Carnation-Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness (2001)

1. Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness (60:05)


martes, 23 de junio de 2009

Xuxa - Solamente Para Bajitos (2005)

1 Estatua
2 Txutxucan
3 Baile del mono
4 Ven que te voy a enseñar
5 Cinco monitos
6 Dos pececitos
7 El omnibus
8 Los numeros / cabeza hombro pierna y pie
9 Mientras el lobo no esta
10 El sapito salio para pasear
11 El conejito fufu
12 Los tres corderitos
13 Dedos de las manos dedos de los pies
14 Popurri (el sapo no se lava el pie / oruga / conejito)
15 Cinco patitos
16 La muñequita


domingo, 21 de junio de 2009

Black Sabbath-Bagdad (1974)

01 - Tomorrows Dream
02 - Sweet Leaf
03 - Killing yourself to Die
04 - War Pigs
05 - Snowblind
06 - Sabbra Cadabra
07 - Supernaut #1
08 - Supernaut #2
09 - Supernaut #3
10 - Iron Man
11 - Sabbra Cadabra - Reprise
12 - Paranoid
13 / 14 - Embryo / Children of the Grave


Black Sabbath-John Peel´s Sunday Show Radio Session (1970)

1.Black Sabbath
2.Walpurgis (War Pigs)
3.Fairies Wear Boots
4.Behind The Wall Of Sleep
5.Evil Women


Godspeed - Ride (1994)

2.Not Enough
4.Abstract Life
5.Stubborn Ass
7.Born & Raised
8.Houston St.
9.Mind Blaster
11.My Brother

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The Atomic Bitchwax - II (2000)


Trouble - Plastic Green Head (1995)

1. Plastic Green Head 03:35
2. The Eye 04:20
3. Flowers 04:20
4. The Porpoise Song (Monkees cover) 04:42
5. Opium-Eater 04:25
6. Hear the Earth 03:59
7. Another Day 04:53
8. Requiem 04:53
9. Below Me 02:44
10. Long Shadows Fall 03:38
11. Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles cover) 05:23
12. Till the End of Time 04:09
Total playing time 46:52

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ÆTHENOR : "faking gold and murder" (2009)

Æthenor - Faking Gold And Murder (2009)

proyecto de improvisacion promovido por gente de los suizos shora con sthepen o´malley, gente de guapo,... y en este disco con los los geniales baterias (2) de buttercup metal polish.

recomendado para cualquiera que haya flipado con la linea del ultimo de khanate y/o sunno))) y que le molen cosas mas tranquilas y/o experimentales tambien.

el disco consta de varias sesiones de improvisacion grabadas en suiza, la base, en las que luego otros musicos grabaron sus partes (entre ellos sthepen o´malley, de hecho algunos musicos no se han visto en persona hasta despues de todo el proceso) y que fue mezclado todo y masterizado en un laborioso proceso de post-produccion en londres.
el resultado final es una jam en clave bastante apocalitptica, oscura y muy contenia con un speeching que parece que esta invocando al diablo y en la que no se oye ni una guitarra pesada del o´malley. tambien muy a destacar las geniales 2 baterias free jazziticas de nicolas y alexandre de buttercup metal polish.

Paganus - Paganus (2008)

1. Paganus 11:56
2. Skullsplitter 08:44
3. Blood Soaked Boots 11:08
4. Stab 16:33
Total playing time 48:21

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Seven That Spells - The Men From Dystopia (2007)

'Seven That Spells se formó en Zagreb, Croacia, como una comuna internacional de mentes psicodélicas que exploran el cosmos polifacético que supone la música para flipar y mujeres desnudas con altas esperanzas de alcanzar la bendición de Buda.'
Sacado de su web.
Disfruten ustedes!
MySpace de esta gente.

Supercontinet - Vaalbara (2008)

1. Nebula 03:06
2. Earthrise 07:30
3. Lakes of Iron 10:40
4. Cataclysms 07:11
5. Rain Gives Rise 03:08
6. In Rust0 8:05
7. The Monolith 10:49
8. Impact Winter 08:54
9. Epoch 03:42
Total playing time 01:03:10

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Nebula - Heavy Psych (2009)

1. Pulse 03:55
2. The Dagger 03:38
3. Aphrodite 04:10
4. Dream Submarine 02:21
5. In the Depths 03:53
6. The Other Side 05:34
7. Crown of Thorns 03:00
8. Lead Sky 03:01
9. Little Yellow Pill 03:49
10. Running Of The Bulls 01:54
Total playing time 33:15

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Este NO es el EP del año 2008 con el mismo nombre.
This is NOT the EP from 2008 with the same name.

Spiritus Mortis - The God Behind The God (2009)

1. The Man of Steel 03:02
2. Death Bride 07:52
3. The Rotting Trophy 04:08
4. Curved Horizon 08:29
5. When the Wind Howled with a Human Voice 05:47
6. Heavy Drinker 04:29
7. The God Behind the God 11:48
8. Perpetual Motion 03:28
Total playing time 45:25

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Con Sami Hynninen de Reverend Bizarre y The Puritan en las voces

Ogre - Plague of the Planet (2008)

4.Queen of Gasoline
5.A Call to Colossus
6.Deus ex Machina
7.Colonizer Rex
8.Battle at Doom Capital
9.Home Sapiens Ferreus
11.Dawn of the Protoman
Total playing time 37:16

The album is one song divided into 11 parts.

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Buffalo - Dead Forever (1972)

1. Leader
2. Suzie Sunshine
3. Pay My Dues
4. Im A Mover
5. Ballad Of Irving Fink
6. Bean Stew
7. Forest Rain
8. Dead Forever

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Kuraia - Kuraia (2001)

1. «Ni ere» («Yo también»)
2. «Bizi gera» («Vivimos»)
3. «Kea» («Humo»)
4. «Biluztu» («Desnúdate»)
5. «Marketing»
6. «Güello gorria» («El ojo rojo»)
7. «Ezin gelditu» («Sin poder parar»)
8. «Bidaiatzen» («Viajando»)
9. «Uhin banpiroak» («Ondas vampiro»)
10. «Infierno»
11. «Egunsentian» («En el amanecer»)

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viernes, 12 de junio de 2009

Gallileous - Ego Sum Censore Deuum (2008)

1. Ego Sum Censore Deuum 03:58
2. I'll Revenge 07:26
3. Fall of Emperors 04:47
4. Mogily Haremu 06:27
5. Destiny I 04:49
6. Destiny II 05:28
7. Inferno Doom 04:45
8. Anti Vaticano 06:10
9. Lunatic 05:15
10. Gallileous 06:43
Total playing time 55:48

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Doomraiser - Erasing the Remembrance (2009)

1. Pachidermic Ritual (Intro) 02:12
2. Another Black Day Under the Dead Sun 10:06
3. The Raven 09:24
4. C.O.V. (Oblivion) 07:59
5. Vanitas 15:07
6. Head of the River (Intro) 02:45
7. Rotten River 11:26
Total playing time 58:59

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Nachtmystium - Doomsday Derelicts (2009)

Nuevo lanzamiento en forma de EP de estos blackers estadounienses que después de un último larga duración donde experimentaban con nuevos sonidos, ahora parecen retomar caminos pasados.

1. Bones (2:50)
2. Life of Fire (4:04)
3. Hellish Overdose (5:04)
4. Pitch Black Cadence (4:42)

Duración: 18:00

Doomload: Aquí

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Más info:

Wijlen Wij-Wijlen Wij (2007)

1. L'anathème - 05:45
2. Wijlen Wij - 11:38
3. Offertorium - 14:17
4. Falling stars - 08:50
5. Aware of the void - 10:57
6. Bridges - 21:12


Flatlands - Come For The Boredom... Stay For The Monotony... (demo) (2005)

1. Captain Birdseye's Iceberg Incident
2. The Humber Bridge Is A Big, White Elephant
3. Scunthorpe Shirt Potato

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Sunn O))) - (初心) Grimmrobes Live 101008 (2009)

Cassette que recoge un directo ofrecido en Los Angeles (ciudad donde se formaron) el 10 de Octubre del 2008 ['101008'] para conmemorar los 10 años desde la demo "The Grimmrobe Demos" que significaba el punto de partida para Sunn O))).

De venta durante la actual gira del grupo.

1. A1 Untitled (16:59)
2. A2 Untitled (14:28 )
3. A3 Untitled (09:30)
4. A4 Untitled (08:28 )
5. B1 Untitled (24:34)
6. B2 Untitled (18:16)
7. B3 Untitled (04:46)

Duración: 1:37:01

Doomload: Aquí

Southern Lord
Más información: O)))

Church of Misery - Houses of the Unholy (2009)

El cuarto álbum de esta banda japonesa que consiguen superarse y crear su mejor trabajo. Y no era fácil.

Asesinos en serie, Black Sabbath, Doom rockero y mucha mala leche.

1. El Padrino [Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo] (8:51)
2. Shotgun Boogie [James Oliver Huberty] (4:15)
3. The Gray Man [Albert Fish] (5:45)
4. Blood Sucking Freak [Richard Trenton Chase] (8:33)
5. Master Heartache [Sir Lord Baltimore cover] (5:17)
6. Born to Raise Hell [Richard Speck] (7:33)
7. Badlands [Charles Starkweather & Caril Fugate] (7:57)

Doomload: Aquí.

Página web:
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MySpace/Church Of Misery
Rise Above Records