martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Product0 - Producto! (2012)

1. climb the goddess mountains 03:13
2. Lavoisin 02:52
3. horses of murder 03:37
4. erase them of your head 01:53
5. village fools 05:29
6. second wizard's prophecy 05:31

Gaspar Hidalgo es un "one man band" de Málaga (España) que debuta con este proyecto en solitario siguiendo la filosofía DIY, su música es principalmente instrumental y difícil de catalogar. Hay canciones con diferentes elementos del ambient, noise, drone y experimental stoner que comparten fantásticas vias de escape cuyo final es liberar tu propia mente hacia caminos desconocidos. No hay límites autoimpuestos aunque disponga de pocos medios, surge del más absoluto underground donde la es música real y auténtica, un pequeño "producto" artesanal a un precio endemoniado en bandcamp (6,66$)

Product0 tiene más trabajos en libre descarga en su página que también os recomendamos, "subproducto" y "metaproducto", ambos de reciente factura y atractiva presentación. Si te gusta lo que escuchas apoya al artista como buenamente puedas, escucha y difunde su trabajo. Gaspar Hidalgo os lo agradece de antemano!

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sábado, 18 de febrero de 2012

DESERT SOUND vol. 4 In the mouth of fuzz

Pater Nembrot – The Weaner
Kayleth – The Survivor
The Whirlings – Calcutta’s Sewers
Anuseye – Orb Weavers
Manthra Dei – Xolotl
Kill the Easter Rabbit – Silent Hour
Herba Mate – Imargem
Three Eyes Left – La Fee Verthe (The Green Fairy)
Muffx – Voices
Space Paranoids – Three Lonely Pines
Black Capricorn – Call of the Goat
Choriachi – Birkat Habayit

The Wisdoom – The Wisdoom
Zippo – Man of Theory (Feat. Ben Ward)
Caronte – Ghost Owl
Cannibal Movie – Fame
Turbomatt – Kong Ché
Da Captain Trips – The Merkfolk Ride
The Dallaz – Losers
T.H.U.M.B. – Superlover
Bones & Comfort – Orange Blossoms & Four Swans
Elephante – Toporagno
Godwatt Redemption – Circles
Mr. Bizarro & The Highway Experience – Mastodont
Black Rainbows – Mastermind

The fourth chapter of the trip, a journey through the cosmos, the heavy psych compilation made in Italy!

Aptly distributed by magazine, DESERT SOUND Vol. IV – IN THE MOUTH OF FUZZ packs 25 combustive cuts from the smoke filled scene defined by hot rock'n'roll, chuggin' guitars, dirty fuzz, psychedelic visions, feedback and cowbell fills. A volcanic trip deep into the Italian heavy stoner psycho doom panorama, with tracks that range straight out of power hittin' stonerville, to the psychedelic side, as well as the doom mantras and spacey pipe dreams action.

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sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

Evil Cosmonaut - We Have Landed (2011)

01. Old Guy Neil [2:06]
02. Marvin [4:47]
03. Big Super Mega Monsters [2:23]
04. The Song We Will Never Play Again [7:34]
05. Armageddon [5:22]
06. My Moustache [4:26]
07. Boris Yeltsin vs Giant Ants [5:04]
08. Born Astronauts [2:31]
09. The Golden Apples of the Sun [7:48]

“We Have Landed”, – state EVIL COSMONAUT with their debut full-length album! Do you think that modern heavy-rock revivalists have nothing to show except of the chewing long-familiar riffs and mirroring all-known idols of their youth? Do you think that they are all washed-up and have nothing to offer to your experience? So take a deep breath and try this… Certified favorites of the Moscow’s stoned underground, EVIL COSMONAUT have come a long way since their first EP. And here they go again with nine new songs performed with undoubting confidence and great energy of purpose. This is the three-on-the-floor loud and heavy stoner-blues-and-roll attack with hoarse throat singing, and hero-pulp lyrics which reminds the stories from old American pulp-fiction magazines. Whether you call it “stoner rock”, “garage rock”, “boogie rock” or whatever… we hope you dig into this album. We could imagine how the rest of the world sees Mother Russia. But here is a grotesque story of how Russians see themselves and the rest of the world… (9 tracks – 42 min.)


domingo, 5 de febrero de 2012

Stone Magnum - st (2012)

1. Fallen Priest 07:33
2. Locksmith Of Misery 08:04
3. Savior In Black 05:15
4. Pictures Of Your Life 04:47
5. Grave of Cryptic Sorrows 05:51
6. Rolling Storm 05:31
7. Am I Really Insane? 05:12

"Stone Magnum from Michigan City, was formed in August 2010 as merely an outlet of personal misery soon that soon evolved into the next powerful Midwest Doom Metal entity. With a style rooted in hook laden doom metal, Stone Magnum explores the dark forces controlling man’s submissive existence. Stone Magnum's debut self titled vinyl LP is available from Chicago's RIP Records

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sábado, 4 de febrero de 2012

Pontiak - Echo Ono (2012)

01 – Lions Of Least
02 – The North Coast
03 – Left With Lighs
04 – Across The Steppe
05 – The Expanding Sky
06 – Silver Shadow
07 – Stay Out, What a Sight
08 – Royal Colors
09 – Panoptica

"Pontiak are as relentless in their musical explorations as they are with their guitar attacks. They are happy about all those that have chosen to follow their travels, but would travel regardless. Their live show is earsplitting and yet the brothers are low key and soft spoken off stage. Unpredictable, unforgiving, and utterly individual. Simply put, our favorite kind of rock."

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