viernes, 22 de enero de 2010

Huata - Open the Gates of Shambhala EP (2009)

01. Alchemist Reborn
02. Diving in a Swamp
03. Ratzinger Pussycat
04. Jozef Fritzl Syndrom
05. Rotten Dick

ENLACE (mirror) / myspace / buy this! = ¡Cómpralo!

Huata - Heresy, Stoner and Acid (demo) (2008) ENLACE (mirror)

We are a band from France, Britanny and our first EP is out now. We play Doom Stoner Satan, a loud and dirty music between the Electric Wizard and Black Sabbath, with dumb and loud riffs. The mix is made by Krys from HKY, we will out it with the russian label Quagmire on tapes and the French one Throatruiner on digisleeve.
Thanks to the band for sharing their music with us!!

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davidgore dijo...

Lo colgué hace un tiempo en mi blog. Esto es todo un descubrimiento, un discazo alucinante y brutal.