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A Place Of Owls - The Oceanic Tomes (ft. Blake Tanberk) 2012







A Place Of Owls is a one man Post-Rock band from the artist Ezra Hinton. Drawing from a huge library of influences, A Place Of Owls has created a catalog of vastly differing sonic experiences.

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jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012

Voltron - Kaventsmann (2012)

01. 13 Liter Bohrmaschine 07:49
02. Black To Back 06:06
03. Studententoeter 07:29
04. Pittiplatsch Anoraknarök 05:15
05. Faster Than Nothing Still Can Be Slow 07:19
06. Helmut Berger At Salzburg Airport 07:59
07. Medic Help! 05:11
08. Fuckoverforevertime (Fucktimeforeverover) 08:42

Doom meets Metal meets Stonepunk meets whatever. Intensity as a side dish and a fist in the face for dessert. Born summer 2002. The then-trio (Mars Brennen, J.R. Lavendel & Nik Hayakyu-ou) records their first EP Daisy Cutter in summer ‚03 and is so full of energy it‘s frightening. German magazine Uncle Sally‘s calls it DoomCore-Blutgrätsche (Blutgrätsche is the German word for a dangerous sliding tackle). How right they were. But it doesn‘t stop there - in 2005 the band is joined by two new members, Kerry Klonk on second guitar and Dionisos Tinnitus is the new man on the microphone. Two other EPs follow.

In November 2006 their first LP "Beyond An Armored Skin" is recorded with Alex Hornbach at Planet-Earth-Recordings and released through Raddatz Records in June 2007. Unfortunately, autumn 2007 brings unpleasant news for the guys when VOLTRON and Mr. Tinnitus go their separate ways. But fortunately a new man at the microphone is found quickly - Señor Kato, who was then the frontman of Berlin-based thrash metal band Secretum, is willing to lay it all on the line and yell it out for VOLTRON.

But where there is light, there are shadows. In 2009, just before recording the successor of "Beyond An Armoured Skin" J.R. Lavendel decides to go his own way. This delays the recording of "Kaventsmann" which is finally recorded at the end of 2010 with Esche Ahorn on drums, again with Alex Hornbach at Planet Earth Studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Fresh out of the studio VOLTRON again are forced to face the hardships of life: Kerry Klonk must leave the band to accept a position with the Volksbühne, the most famous theatre in East Berlin.

But even this hurdle is cleared. Bruce Benner - formerly of Necromorph - now plays the guitar alongside Mars Brennen. And on the drumset, a permanent solution is finally found, too: Hille Toughsky (Roadkill Zombies) strengthens the band with his percussive mastery. "Kaventsmann" finally sees the light of the public.
Voltron is Victory!

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El Camino (2012) Ep

2.-Para No Volver/Perdición
5.-Igual Que Ayer
Desde el sur de américa, Temuco - Chile, llega El Camino, banda de Stoner/Psychedelic que recientemente ha sacado este EP autotitulado, de manera independiente. La banda está compuesta por: Anibal (Batería), César (Guitarra y Voz), Daniel (Bajo) y Claudio (Guitarra). Llevan juntos desde hace dos años y están en constante gira por diferentes regiones del país. Altamente recomendables!

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martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

Cube - Cube (2012) Ep










Newest Spinalonga Records/Body Blows co-release, Cube just released their self-titled debut LP digitally and on vinyl 12” in a limited pressing (250 copies). In the midst of the economic crisis in Greece, Cube are releasing what seems like a 90’s heavy rock revival. Focused on groove and straight-up heavy rock, the band delves into prog-rock experimentation but never loses the grungy aesthetic that cuts through the entire album. The quartet have released a few tracks over the years on various compilations such as the ‘In the Junkyard’ series -featuring fellow greek acts the Dive, Planet of Zeus, the Bliss, Nightstalker among others- (Spinalonga Records, Greece) and the ‘Rock ‘n Roll Blvd vol.1’ -featuring bands like Honcho, Monkey 3, Kayser and more- (Buzzville Records, Belgium).

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Sea Bastard (2012)







Sea Bastard are a doom band from Brighton on the south coast of the UK formed in July 2011 from the ashes of two Brighton doom bands, Jovian and Funeral Hag and their sound is a fusion of the two bands’ styles; the uncompromising lethargy of Jovian meeting the groove of Funeral Hag.

The band recorded a demo in October 2011 and played their first gig on Halloween withdoom legends Pagan Altar!

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miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

Ice Dragon - Season of Decay b​/​w The Humble Titan (2012) EP

1. Season of Decay
2. The Humble Titan

Ice Dragon is the bonfire in the woods that you and your degenerate friends would try to jump over at the end of the night.

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martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012

Judd Madden - Artesian (2012)

1. Bound the Plains with Iron Band 03:00
2. Curve of Creeks Burnt Dry 07:59
3. King Drought 07:10
4. Heatwaves Quiver and Dance 11:57
5. Staggering, Lean Beasts 06:57
6. Curse the Red Sun 05:02
7. Breath of Wind a Sword to Slay 09:01
8. Sunbeams Each a Lance 10:30
9. The Great Artesian 03:40

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lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Shadowgrave - The Aftermath (2012) EP

1. Equal Sentence 2:00
2. The Aftermath 9:31
3. Lugubrious Silence 6:31
4. The Last Empire 8:13
5. Unequal Judgement 1:00

Shadowgrave rises from the mists of a gelid and hostile 2012 February, inspired in all the universe of obscure, occult and dark music. Some weeks passed until finding someone to perform the duties of guitar player, but the hard work of the "founding fathers" and original members, Bernardo Carvalho, Jorge Marinho & Tiago Antunes", conquered all the adversities.

Francisco Fernandes and Gustavo Rocha were integrated to lead and rhythm guitars. Although the first one left the project before the second, they are both included on the band's first stable line-up. Between the departure of these two musicians and the search for another one the EP "The Aftermath" was recorded, showcasing the band's first writings. After it's launch, it was agreed that Bernardo Carvalho, until then only vocalist, would be in charge of rhythm guitar and that Guilherme Pereira would enter Shadowgrave as lead guitar player. The second stable line-up was formed and active between August and October 2012. In that same month Guilherme left the project, being replaced with Fábio Azevedo. It's with this set of musicians that Shadowgrave are rehearsing it's live setlist and creating the first studio effort, with it's majority being already written.

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domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

MARA - demo 2012





Mara is a pretty newly started 4-piece doom band from Gävle, Sweden, focused on total heaviness with crushing sabbathy riffs and demonic howling vocals. So far we've only released this EP with 3 songs (link to bandcamp below), but a full lenght will be recorded this winter.


jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2012

Sons of Kings - Emersion (2012)




Meditative psychedelia and spacey soundscapes are both present on this new album which continue the journey of Sons of Kings. The ambitious plan behind Emersion is to connect the dots between soundtrack-like atmospheres, non-typical progressions, kraut-continuity, stoner-fuzz, and post rock mentality. The creation is served in two parts, and with even more low frequencies with additional bass player, which renders the original trio into a quartet.

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martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

Dryasdust - Demo 2012

Cold Sweat*
Deep Waters
Losing Hold
Evil Hearted**

All Songs and lyrics by Antti Expept lyrics to ** by Pentele. All arrangements by Dryasdust. Recorded in summer 2012 by Pentele in Dryasdust's rehearsal place. Mixed and mastered by Matias Helle at Drophammer studio. Moog on * by Tommi Salomaa. Cover art by Markus Räisänen.

Dryasdust is a Finnish power trio hailing classic rock bands from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Instead of just banging through the songs in maximum volume, Dryasdust's arrangements focus on dynamics. We believe that a heavy riff sounds even heavier when it's accompanied with more mellow parts. Dryasdust is a newborn band formed just about a half year ago. The members, however, have live and studio experiment from various kinds of bands since the 1990s.

 The trio was recorded live at our rehearsal place without any overdubs or editing. Only vocals and the Moog on "Cold Sweat" was added afterwards. Now, when Dryasdust has finished their first demo they are starting to fix dates for upcoming gigs. Dryasdust is looking for a record label that is interested in publishing our future releases, taking care of promotion and organizing gigs.

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VA - Falling Down IIV Compilation (2012) 2CD

Falling Down IIV compilation
.digipak 2CDs – 1000 copies (the collector edition is sold-out)
.20 bands – 11 countries
.all the tracks are unreleased

Digipak – CD1(descarga!
1| Hopewell - This is This
2| Year of No Light & Mars Red Sky - Green Rune White Totem
3| Ocoai - Mère de la Lumière du Matin (live recording)
4| The Flying Eyes - Apollo Creed
5| Vanessa Van Basten - Got to Say
6| Dyskinesia - Tra i Ghiacci
7| Planning For Burial - Friendship
8| Aidan Baker [Nadja] - Instrumental B
9| Julie Christmas - Scalps
10| The Winchester Club - Burn it All Down (Pt.1)

Digipak – CD2 (descarga!!)
1| Black Sun - Syntax Error
2| Rorcal - Világvége V
3| Terra Tenebrosa - Apokatastasis
4| Monarch - Daggvrs
5| Syndrome - Now and Forever
[with special collaboration of CHVE (AmenRa) - backing vocal & Josh Graham (Neurosis, A Storm of Light) - piano and texture]
6| Ayahuasca Dark Trip - Manantial
7| Ethereal Riffian - March of Spiritu (Rise of Sheol)
8| Sendelica - Ingrid Cold (edited remix)
9| Vespero - Flight of the Lieutenant
10| Mouth of The Architect - How This will End
- All the informations are available here: