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A Tribute to Captain Beyond - Thousand Days of Yesterdays (1999) (Flac)

1. Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea of Air) - Pentagram
2. Armworth - Rise and Shine
3. Myopic Void - Standarte
4. Mesmerization Eclipse - Lotus With Brian Robertson
5. Raging River of Fear - The Flower Kings
6. Thousand Days of Yesterday (Intro) - The Quill
7. Frozen Over - The Quill
8. Thousand Days of Yesterday (Time Since Come and Gone) - Five Fifteen With Nik Turner
9. I Can't Feel Nothin' (Part One) - Locomotive Breath
10. As the Moon Speaks (to the Waves of the Sea) - Zello
11. Astral Lady - Zello
12. As the Moon Speaks (Return) - Zello
13. I Can't Feel Nothin' (Part Two) - Locomotive Breath
[b]Bonus Tracks:[/b]
14. Starglow Energy - Orchid Leaves
15. Sweet Dreams - ZoomlenZ (Featuring Willy Daffern)
16. Dansar Galet Bakat (Dancing Madly Backwards in Swedish) - Qoph
17. Fortrollande Formorkelse (Mesmerization Eclipse in Swedish) - Abramis Brama


Password: pigandpepper

Thanks to Lom404, original uploader

* El cue "señala" a una pista wav. Para escucharlo en Foorbar2000, hay que cambiar el cue para que señale a la pista flac, o convertir dicho flac a wav.

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