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Sludgelord - Demo (1989)

The band blended traditional Black Sabbath meets Saint Vitus doom metal riffs with grind/crust influences ala Doom (UK) and Electro Hippies. At times, the music sounded like traditional doom metal but then broke into moments of blast beat style crust/grindcore.

This was a post-Sore Throat band which featured members of the band. There were other known members of the band, mainly speaking two drummers who played for the band.

The only known demo of the band, released as a vinyl.

This later was featured on the first half of the Sore Throat bootleg "F.O.A.D."
(Fuck Off And Die).

Some of the songs have lyrics while most are instrumentals in the doom style. Track 6 has a few minutes of silence after the song "Blue Mice In The Sky", which later contains a hidden track by Sore Throat called "A Bow To Capitalism", a mellow folkish song which then tuns into another Sore Throat song "The Mole Catcher" which is a "intrelude" sort of track. Both songs are from the Unhindered By Talent LP.

1. My Dick Bleeds For You 03:56
2. Sick Of Your Fucking Attitude 02:02
3. Rillington Place Sunrise 04:02
4. Blade Fucking Barrier 03:39
5. No One Gets Out Alive 05:55
6. Blue Mice In The Sky 10:17
Total playing time 29:08

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