viernes, 29 de mayo de 2009

Brotherhood of Sleep - Brotherhood of Sleep (2009)

1. ...Of Fear Unspoken 07:54
2. Hate Forecast 15:51
3. Into Our Sea Of Melting Dreams 10:21
4. Haloweed 10:47

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I am glad that I can finally listen to good music made by bands in my hometown. It is not the orientation though, here we have got to do with really good stuff from a band that exists since 2006. Doom, psychedelic rock, metal, drone, ambient touches but concentrating mostly to the heaviness and the hard section of music without being narrow minded. Of course, the music is very interesting and despite the long tracks, you won’t get tired at all. All tracks are instrumental, but this fact isn’t negative at all for the band, but they have also created a more personal sound and the influences have been used for their benefit. Sunn O))), Pentagram, Kyuss, Karma to Burn, Amenra, fuzz, distortion, phaser, low tunings, everybody and everything is there. They are all there in the s/t album of Brotherhood Of Sleep to jam with them in a psychotic delirium. The recordings have been made live at Studio 5 and the sound is really good and perfectly matches the genre. The cd packaging and layout (while the lp will be out a bit later) is really cool and professional and a lot would be jealous of its aesthetic, while it should be mentioned that the album is released by B.O.S ‘s own label (Suisound productions- Catch The Soap productions). Plus, in the enhanced part of the cd we have got a cool video for “ Into Our Sea Of Melted Dreams” made by Manos of Universe 217. I am completing this report with some quotes from the band that really impressed me ( the marking is subjective and I don’t think they really need it): Visualise the truth that was always within you. Listen….Feel no fright. Fall to your mind’s fire. Celebrate.

Thanks to glou glou glo glo for sending the link!!

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