jueves, 22 de agosto de 2013

Hourvari 2013



With members from french titans Birds In Row, As We Draw and Puzzle.
Hourvari depicts a style of dark music that seems more like the culmination of those projects, instead of a compromise in between. Two long and monolithic songs slowly built enclosing influences from hardcore, post-rock, shaping dark and intense atmospheres.
For fans of Cult of Luna, Moving Mountains, Mouth Of the Architect...


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Anónimo dijo...

Ese Ep es del 2011, muy buena mierda si señor!!!

KARLAM dijo...

Self-recorded by Amaury Sauvé & Thomas Dilis @ Coreprod Studio, Laval, november 2010.
Mixed by Amaury Sauvé, Laval, december 2010, january 2011.
Mastered by Sylvain Biguet, Paris, March 2011.
released 20 April 2013
Released in September 2013 in collaboration with Skulltrophy Records, Northcult Records, Sieve and Sand Records & Vox project.