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Voltron - Kaventsmann (2012)

01. 13 Liter Bohrmaschine 07:49
02. Black To Back 06:06
03. Studententoeter 07:29
04. Pittiplatsch Anoraknarök 05:15
05. Faster Than Nothing Still Can Be Slow 07:19
06. Helmut Berger At Salzburg Airport 07:59
07. Medic Help! 05:11
08. Fuckoverforevertime (Fucktimeforeverover) 08:42

Doom meets Metal meets Stonepunk meets whatever. Intensity as a side dish and a fist in the face for dessert. Born summer 2002. The then-trio (Mars Brennen, J.R. Lavendel & Nik Hayakyu-ou) records their first EP Daisy Cutter in summer ‚03 and is so full of energy it‘s frightening. German magazine Uncle Sally‘s calls it DoomCore-Blutgrätsche (Blutgrätsche is the German word for a dangerous sliding tackle). How right they were. But it doesn‘t stop there - in 2005 the band is joined by two new members, Kerry Klonk on second guitar and Dionisos Tinnitus is the new man on the microphone. Two other EPs follow.

In November 2006 their first LP "Beyond An Armored Skin" is recorded with Alex Hornbach at Planet-Earth-Recordings and released through Raddatz Records in June 2007. Unfortunately, autumn 2007 brings unpleasant news for the guys when VOLTRON and Mr. Tinnitus go their separate ways. But fortunately a new man at the microphone is found quickly - Señor Kato, who was then the frontman of Berlin-based thrash metal band Secretum, is willing to lay it all on the line and yell it out for VOLTRON.

But where there is light, there are shadows. In 2009, just before recording the successor of "Beyond An Armoured Skin" J.R. Lavendel decides to go his own way. This delays the recording of "Kaventsmann" which is finally recorded at the end of 2010 with Esche Ahorn on drums, again with Alex Hornbach at Planet Earth Studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Fresh out of the studio VOLTRON again are forced to face the hardships of life: Kerry Klonk must leave the band to accept a position with the Volksbühne, the most famous theatre in East Berlin.

But even this hurdle is cleared. Bruce Benner - formerly of Necromorph - now plays the guitar alongside Mars Brennen. And on the drumset, a permanent solution is finally found, too: Hille Toughsky (Roadkill Zombies) strengthens the band with his percussive mastery. "Kaventsmann" finally sees the light of the public.
Voltron is Victory!

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