lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Shadowgrave - The Aftermath (2012) EP

1. Equal Sentence 2:00
2. The Aftermath 9:31
3. Lugubrious Silence 6:31
4. The Last Empire 8:13
5. Unequal Judgement 1:00

Shadowgrave rises from the mists of a gelid and hostile 2012 February, inspired in all the universe of obscure, occult and dark music. Some weeks passed until finding someone to perform the duties of guitar player, but the hard work of the "founding fathers" and original members, Bernardo Carvalho, Jorge Marinho & Tiago Antunes", conquered all the adversities.

Francisco Fernandes and Gustavo Rocha were integrated to lead and rhythm guitars. Although the first one left the project before the second, they are both included on the band's first stable line-up. Between the departure of these two musicians and the search for another one the EP "The Aftermath" was recorded, showcasing the band's first writings. After it's launch, it was agreed that Bernardo Carvalho, until then only vocalist, would be in charge of rhythm guitar and that Guilherme Pereira would enter Shadowgrave as lead guitar player. The second stable line-up was formed and active between August and October 2012. In that same month Guilherme left the project, being replaced with Fábio Azevedo. It's with this set of musicians that Shadowgrave are rehearsing it's live setlist and creating the first studio effort, with it's majority being already written.

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