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Evil Cosmonaut - We Have Landed (2011)

01. Old Guy Neil [2:06]
02. Marvin [4:47]
03. Big Super Mega Monsters [2:23]
04. The Song We Will Never Play Again [7:34]
05. Armageddon [5:22]
06. My Moustache [4:26]
07. Boris Yeltsin vs Giant Ants [5:04]
08. Born Astronauts [2:31]
09. The Golden Apples of the Sun [7:48]

“We Have Landed”, – state EVIL COSMONAUT with their debut full-length album! Do you think that modern heavy-rock revivalists have nothing to show except of the chewing long-familiar riffs and mirroring all-known idols of their youth? Do you think that they are all washed-up and have nothing to offer to your experience? So take a deep breath and try this… Certified favorites of the Moscow’s stoned underground, EVIL COSMONAUT have come a long way since their first EP. And here they go again with nine new songs performed with undoubting confidence and great energy of purpose. This is the three-on-the-floor loud and heavy stoner-blues-and-roll attack with hoarse throat singing, and hero-pulp lyrics which reminds the stories from old American pulp-fiction magazines. Whether you call it “stoner rock”, “garage rock”, “boogie rock” or whatever… we hope you dig into this album. We could imagine how the rest of the world sees Mother Russia. But here is a grotesque story of how Russians see themselves and the rest of the world… (9 tracks – 42 min.)


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