sábado, 18 de febrero de 2012

DESERT SOUND vol. 4 In the mouth of fuzz

Pater Nembrot – The Weaner
Kayleth – The Survivor
The Whirlings – Calcutta’s Sewers
Anuseye – Orb Weavers
Manthra Dei – Xolotl
Kill the Easter Rabbit – Silent Hour
Herba Mate – Imargem
Three Eyes Left – La Fee Verthe (The Green Fairy)
Muffx – Voices
Space Paranoids – Three Lonely Pines
Black Capricorn – Call of the Goat
Choriachi – Birkat Habayit

The Wisdoom – The Wisdoom
Zippo – Man of Theory (Feat. Ben Ward)
Caronte – Ghost Owl
Cannibal Movie – Fame
Turbomatt – Kong Ché
Da Captain Trips – The Merkfolk Ride
The Dallaz – Losers
T.H.U.M.B. – Superlover
Bones & Comfort – Orange Blossoms & Four Swans
Elephante – Toporagno
Godwatt Redemption – Circles
Mr. Bizarro & The Highway Experience – Mastodont
Black Rainbows – Mastermind

The fourth chapter of the trip, a journey through the cosmos, the heavy psych compilation made in Italy!

Aptly distributed by
Perkele.it magazine, DESERT SOUND Vol. IV – IN THE MOUTH OF FUZZ packs 25 combustive cuts from the smoke filled scene defined by hot rock'n'roll, chuggin' guitars, dirty fuzz, psychedelic visions, feedback and cowbell fills. A volcanic trip deep into the Italian heavy stoner psycho doom panorama, with tracks that range straight out of power hittin' stonerville, to the psychedelic side, as well as the doom mantras and spacey pipe dreams action.

(Thanks to Perkele.it)

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