miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2009

Year Of No Light & Machu Picchu Mother Future - Split (2009)

Face A
01. Year Of No Light - The Golden Horn Of The Moon (Studio Version) (With Fear Falls Burning)
02. Year Of No Light - Les Mains De Nadja (With Nadja)

Face B
01. Machu Picchu Mother Future (Souvenir's Young America + Conifer + Lesbian) - Space Mountain Forever

YEAR OF NO LIGHT offers us two new tracks with studio collaborations with FEAR FALLS BURNING and NADJA. While on an east coast tour in November of 2007, CONIFER (Important Records) and LESBIAN (Holy Mountain) drove to Richmond, Virginia arriving at 5a.m. and ended up crashing at the Sound Of Music recording studio for two nights. There to play a show with SOUVENIR'S YOUNG AMERICA (Crucial Blast) at the Nara Sushi, all three bands (11 members total in one live room) entered the studio on very little sleep and recorded roughly two hours of improvised music... very loosely structured and minds somewhat altered... These sessions birthed what will be known as "Space Mountain Forever".

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