miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2009

Who Carries The Lantern - 2009 Demo (2009)

01. Delectus Personae
02. Salt Preserves The Wound
03. Surplus Of Id
04. Dopamine
05. Sperm Ridden Burden

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Not much is to be said here other than the three members of Who Carries The Lantern love music and that their passion for it is shown through their creativity. Vocalist Matt (ex-The Autimis, ex-Back To Life), Bassist Aarne (ex-Presley, ex-Easter Bloodhounds, ex-The Autimis), and Drummer Breaux (ex-Presley) play more for themselves than anyone else, drawing upon influences from all forms of music that they enjoy. It is the ideology of "whatever happens, happens..." that will forever keep the members content without ever having to feel any constraint or pressures to express their vision. They find great pleasure in allowing the art of their music to do the talking. Let's see who's listening...
Thanks guys for sharing your music with us! Great stuff!

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