sábado, 6 de abril de 2013

Jardín De La Croix - 187 steps to cross the universe (2013)

01. Man Made Lightning 07:18
02. Topsy's Revenge 07:46
03. Colorado Springs 07:17
04. Talking With Planets 10:02

Jardín De La Croix is a Spanish instrumental math rock band formed in 2007 in Madrid. The group finds itself at ease within its prominent and complex rhythmic structures and its layered harmonic guitars usually arranged in lengthy instrumental compositions. Although the group is regarded as progressive rock by their members, it has been dubbed math rock or alternative rock by some.


2 comentarios:

Luis dijo...

Tanto a Karlam como a Papakorkel, muchisimas gracias por mantener esto con vida. Se os valora el curro.

KARLAM dijo...

Ese Luis! que hay de nuevo viejo? Hey, hey, D&S can never die!! D&S is here to stay!!!