miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Down - Download Fest (2009)

Origen: EE.UU.
Genero: Southern Metal
Fecha: 13/06/09
Formato: avi
Tamaño: 303.15 MB (.rar)
Resolución: 512x288
Duración: 00:48:56

01. Lifer
02. New Orleans Is A Dying Whore
03. Hail The Leaf
04. Lysergik Funeral Procression
05. N.O.D.
06. Underneath Everything
07. Eyer Of The South
08. Stone The Crow
09. Bury Me In Smoke


3 comentarios:

TONA dijo...

You guys are back, good! Missed you!
Keep on with your killer posts, despite
the mofos that busted you!
And now... any news on that new Saviours album?

D&S dijo...

Hey TONA, good to have you back as well!

You can find Saviours' last stuff in this blog from a fellow D&Ser: http://houseoftheriff.blogspot.com/


TONA dijo...

thank you!