miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Down - Download Fest (2009)

Origen: EE.UU.
Genero: Southern Metal
Fecha: 13/06/09
Formato: avi
Tamaño: 303.15 MB (.rar)
Resolución: 512x288
Duración: 00:48:56

01. Lifer
02. New Orleans Is A Dying Whore
03. Hail The Leaf
04. Lysergik Funeral Procression
05. N.O.D.
06. Underneath Everything
07. Eyer Of The South
08. Stone The Crow
09. Bury Me In Smoke


3 comentarios:

TONA dijo...

You guys are back, good! Missed you!
Keep on with your killer posts, despite
the mofos that busted you!
And now... any news on that new Saviours album?

DandS dijo...

Hey TONA, good to have you back as well!

You can find Saviours' last stuff in this blog from a fellow D&Ser: http://houseoftheriff.blogspot.com/


TONA dijo...

thank you!