sábado, 23 de marzo de 2013

Bar de Monjas (2012)

Bar de Monjas is a Fuzz rock Duo, that seeks to transmit enough energy to the audience, so they can enjoy the sound that comes out from their instruments. The lyrics stays backround while we want to spread to those who are listening that 'music comes first'. The band was formed at late 2010, at Mexico city, with some impulse for making pretty fat sound with only one guitar and drums, also making fuzzy music, which is very hard to find here in this country. Fausto Rivera (guitar and vocals) met Gerardo 'Rufuzz' before making the band, Rufuzz played already in another band project, while Fausto was creating Bar de Monjas, Rufuzz was invited to Bar de Monjas, replacing his first drummer, so this is were all began, forming a serious band project. Music is influenced by many fuzzy sounds, some stoner, desert, prychedelic, garage, space rock bands, etc. Fuzzy guitars with explosive and dirty drums! The band recorded a live session at metro tacubaya in october 2011, which was useful to start the band promotion. At early 2012 they were reviewed by Sabotage Magazine (national), which preciously produced the live session video from the material promoted. After this the band began to record their first selftitled EP, which was realeased in august (2012). At the same time the band didn't stopped playing in some important gigs, still they working on it, spreading their first studio material. This 2 years this non-cautious musicians have been playing without any limits, time enough for creating good satisfaction, and, why not? waking curiosity on some ears...

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