jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

Eggnogg - Louis (2012) EP

  • Baras Magg
  • Vermicious Knidds
  • The Squid_The Fandangler
  • The Once-ler

On July 11, 2012, the band release a new four-track EP entitled Louis. Following the trend set by Nogg EP(2010), which fell between the band’s debut album The Three(2009) and Moments in Vacuum(2011), Louis is a between-albums EP intended to quell fans’ appetites while the band puts the finishing touches on their third full-length album. Louis is named for estranged bassist Louis Davidson, who played with the band back when their name was GonZo, and who co-wrote the Ep’s third track “The Squid,” back in 2006. The new EP reimagines old songs from the GonZo days, recorded fresh with additional parts added. As with the Nogg EP before it, the band takes the creative liberty to deliver straight-up Rock ‘n Roll with a Noggy twist, as well as new, unexpected sounds that fit snuggly into the scheme of Eggnogg’s deeply-seeded sonic progression. (Thanks to Gary Branigan)

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