martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

Varios - 13 Bands Who Think You're Gay (2004)

1. Anal Cunt-Ha Ha Holocaust
2. Anal Cunt-We're Not 'In Da House' You Fucking Wigger
3. The Raunchous Brothers-Kill Every Gay
4. Kilslug-Glowing Kanibals
5. Fossil Fuel-I Fuck Cripples
6. Fossil Fuel-Tie Up You
7. Fossil Fuel-Everybody Die
8. Fossil Fuel-Nat'l Monuments Suck
9. Mudoven-Medgar Evers
10. EyeHateGod-My Name Is God And I Hate You
11. Nasty Disaster-Metal Head
12. Nunslaughter-Resurrection
13. Thor-Back For Blood
14. Siege-Cameras
15. Angry Hate-Bad Mood
16. Krapper Keeper - Captain America Jerked Off On Your Dad
17. PTL Klub-Negative Man
18. PTL Klub-Warning
19. PTL Klub-This Town Sucks
20. PTL Klub-Suck Out Loud

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