viernes, 5 de febrero de 2010

Dangerbird - Homestead (2009)

1. Frank
2. Alien+Cop
3. Homestead
4. Snowed In
5. Hiram
6. Sad Waters
7. No Hope On Hope Street

ENLACE: (rar) (zip) / web / myspace

Dangerbird - Demo (2007)
Dangerbird - Live on WKDU (2009)

We are a four piece mid tempo heavy post-psychedelic rock band, kind of like Melvins meets Neil Young & Crazy Horse. You can share files as you see fit. Our CD came out last month and the LP is coming out in the next month or so. We also have a 7" coming out this summer.

Dangerbird was formed in 2007. We are current and former members of Serpent Throne, Hulk Smash, GunnaVahm, Fire Down Below, Sound of Failure, Bridge Made of Bats and probably a million others that are escaping me.

Homestead was recorded (mostly) live in front of a small audience at Red Planet Recording in the industrial Philadelphia suburban wasteland of Clifton Heights. Vocals were recorded later along with some guitar fixes, but this is meant to document what Dangerbird actually sounds like. A real band, not some flashy studio project that was labored over for months.

The CD and LP are on SRA Records ( The cassette is released by Sloth Tapes ( You can contact the band at or

Thank you so much for sharing this, Bruce!!

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