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Tolmunud Mesipuu - Puusse Panen (2009)

1. Kulda ülevalt (Gold from the Upside)
2. Kui ma leian sind magamas (When I Find You Sleeping)
3. Kuradisosin (Devil's Whisper)
4. Puusse panen (I Will Fuck Up)
5. Lõpus hakkab sadama (It'll Start Raining in the End)
6. Viska tulle (Throw It into the Fire)
7. Seitsmetolline (7'')
8. Professor, prillipapa, kuradi intelligent nahhui (Professor, Four-Eyes, Fucking Intellectual, Dammit)
9. Pulgapillamisevähk (Stick-Dropping Cancer)
10. Lugu mustadest tablettidest (Story of the Black Pills)
11. Ainus poeg (Only Son) (demo)

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This Estonian power trio mixes up all genres of music you can imagine. Doom, metal, jazz, country, blues, stoner rock and everything between are mixed up in a cosmic psychedelic energy boost. All-instrumental, a little crazy - in a good way, this weird blend of different heavy and hard music leaves the listeners only craving for more.

This self-produced CD material is for promotional purpose and uploaded in mp3 format by the band itself under CC Licence. Feel free to share MediaFire download link with friends, copy and upload content on different torrent trackers, burn to CD or listen to it on your mp3 player. Share download link on various forums and music sites. Enjoy!

Thanks Trash and thanks to the band for sharing their music!!

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Thank you very much. Fine album here!