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Jerusalem - Jerusalem (1972)

Jerusalem's first full-length release displayed a band who clearly showed immense talent and potential, but like many other bands of their time, ceased to produce a myriad of works. Bands like the legendary Leaf Hound followed this trend; perhaps it was all of the acid they did that forced them to loose their focus or something. The heaviness of this album is ridiculous, fucking MAMMOTH riffs with a speedy style, with Lynden Williams' powerful vocals and Meros's inspiring bass riffage. Each band member definitely displays their full potential on this one - and that is why this album is so breathtaking, and groundbreaking to boot.. Though these doomsters will probably never quite make it into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, they definitely kept up with their peers and produced heavy, heavy music. The solos are great, the band is incredibly tight, and the sound is truly distinct, throw Cream, Jazz, Hendrix, and The Nice into a blender and you get Jerusalem. One great point regarding this fine work of art is the fact that its all original material (and well done material at that). Anyways, the songs here are essential, and the band's sound is incredibly revolutionary. For fans of everything heavy and doomy..LISTEN TO JERUSALEM! (Prepare to cry!)

1. Frustration 05:17
2. Hooded Eagle 04:49
3. I See the Light 03:53
4. Murderers Lament 03:39
5. When the Wolf Sits 04:49
6. Mignight Steamer 04:42
7. Primitive Man 05:44
8. Beyond the Grave 06:07
9. She Came Like a Bat From Hell 05:33
Total playing time 44:33


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