domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

LiD - In The Mushroom (1997) (reissue 2002)

Eric Wagner - vocals
Danny Cavanagh - guitars
Timothy Reeves - bass
Tommy Reeves - drums

Luke Wagner - tuba on 8
Kelly Robinson - native american flute on 10

All Music by E.Wagner/D.Cavanagh except 5 E.Wagner/D.Cavanagh/Reeves
All lyrics by E.Wagner
Produced by Eric Wagner/Vincent Wojno
Engineered and mixed by Vincent Wojno
Recorded at Apollo Studios, Pittsburgh, PA and Trackwork Orange, Chicago, IL (asst. Eric Scholtaev)
Mixed at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA
Additional enginnering by Ben Conrad
Mastered at Battery Studios, London by Ian Anderson


01. Lid
02. Mary Agnes
03. The Dream is Over
04. In the Mushroom
05. Window Pain
06. RX
07. You are Here
08. Randy Scouse Git (The Monkees cover)
09. Alive
10. For All My Life
11. Don't Let Me Down (Beatles cover) [+]


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