domingo, 2 de marzo de 2008

Asbestosdeath - Unclean 7'' / Dejection 7''

Band Members:
Al Cisneros
(Sleep, Om)
Chris Hakius (Sleep, Om)
Matt Pike (Sleep, High on Fire, Kalas)
Tom Choi (Noothgrush/Operator Generator)

"In the late '80s, before the mighty formation of Sleep: Al Cisneros (Bass/Vocals), Chris Hakius, and Matt Pike (Guitar) played together along with Thomas Choi (Guitar) in Asbestosdeath. Abestosdeath is the roots of the oak that branched into the massive creation of not only Sleep but of course Om (Al and Chris), High On Fire (Matt) and ItisI/Operator Generator (Thomas Choi). Asbestosdeath was short-lived and only existed long enough to record 4 songs that were released on 2 separate 7 inches. Unclean was released by the band. The other, Dejection, was released by Profane Existence."

Unclean 7"
1. Nail
2. Scourge

Dejection 7"
1. Anguish
2. The Suffering


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